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Doors of Prague

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Thrilled to bits to announce the signing of a contract with Dragonfly Publishing for The House on Redhill Corner.

Due for release October 2022

Asha-Lee doesn’t want to be the weird scary lady. That was Lalita, her mother.

Asha-Lee grew up in a house of chanting, incense burning and declaration of everyone needing to cleanse their spirit. She turned from a young child willing to appease her mother to a young woman who wanted nothing else but to be normal.

When strangers enter her life, Asha-Lee refuses to acknowledge the possibility she may be able to help them in their quest for knowledge and peace. However, they help her to come to terms with the gift of seeing beyond the ordinary.

As Lalita explains the reasons for her odd actions and reveals secrets from the past, mother and daughter become closer and decisions become easier.

The House at Redhill corner is a story of a young woman’s struggle to accept who she is, while leaving the reader with a fascinating love story.

 August 2022 - Cover reveal coming soon

Diary of Lies

Work in Progress - Diary of Lies

What lies do you tell to get through a day?

Katisse just might top you all

Cover design in progress - probably not this one!